Neuzeug Advent

Here, as the name “Neuzeug” (new things) indicates, new products – mainly made of iron – have been produced since the earliest of times in the various manufactories and blacksmith forges. Traces of its great industrial past can still be detected in the village or beside the Steyr River.


Neuzeug Advent path

The path leads from the Promente post partner past the long-established Landerl Inn to the parish café (Caritas warming room) in the parish house, through the stall market of the Neuzeug clubs in the Ortsplatz Square to the Advent exhibition in the time-honoured elementary school. Choose your own starting point and enjoy an enchanting day out at the Neuzeug Advent.


Nativity scenes

In the Advent season, old and new house crèches, lovingly designed and painstakingly built, are displayed at the various Advent stations. One of the most famous nativity scenes created in Neuzeug is Karl Klouda’s “Mechanical Nativity Scene” that has been on display in Christkindl for many years and features close to 300 figurines.



14. + 15.12 2019

SA 13 - 18 Uhr / Sun 10 - 17 Uhr

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