”Old Town“ Christmas market

The unique ambience of the Christkindl Town of Steyr during the Christmas season is accentuated by the enchanting Christmas market “Old town of Steyr” in the historic Stadtplatz square. A nailmaker makes sparks fly daily and demonstrates the art of blacksmithing over an open fire. Advent brass concerts, the Steyr Christkindl, blacksmiths' Christmas and many other attractions will truly create an atmosphere full of the Christmas spirit.

Opening hours

22 Nov - 23 Dec 2019 daily 10:00 am - 9:00 pm / Exeption: 24 Dec until 4 pm

Opening hour - Old Town New Year's Market

25 Dec - 31 Dec 2019 | daily from 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Daily Steyr Advent brass concert in the Town square

at the nativity scene tree. Ensembles from the region playing Advent melodies will put you in the right mood for Christmas. Steyr Brass Quartet, St. Ulrich and Behamberg bugle players, St.Ulrich, Christkindl, Garsten, Gleink Musical Societies, brass players from LMS Grünburg and others.

24 Nov - 23 Dec 2019
Daily at 5.00 pm



Blacksmiths' Christmas in the town centre of Steyr

More than 40 blacksmiths of the region demonstrate their trade over open fires.
7 + 8 Dec 2019 | 10 am - 6 pm

Anschmieden: Friday, 6. Dec 2019 / ab 5 pm


When will the Steyr Christkindl come?

On weekdays during the Advent season the Christkindl welcomes Steyr's guests. The design of the Christkindl's lavish costume is modelled on the baroque Lambert nativity scene figurine of the Annunciation angel by the master seamstress Waltraud Musenbichler.

Dates for Steyr Christkindl
Every Saturday at 3.00 pm (fairy tale hour)
Every Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm after the advent brass concerts



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