St. Nicholas Balloon Launch in Christkindl

St. Nicholas takes off!


This year, on 01 December 2019, St. Nicholas’s hot air balloon takes off for the 58th time from the field in front of the parish house.


St. Nicholas has once again been authorized by the post office to take with him a special mail delivery. Letters and cards posted on this day between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon at Christkindl, are transported in the Christmas balloon.


The ceremony itself – which is a great highlight for children – starts at 11:00 am in the field in front of the parish church. St. Nicholas arrives with a bag full of presents and hands out sweets to the children. The Christkindl Music Band entertains the spectators with snappy music and the Christkindl volunteer fire brigade, on this traditional “Bratwürstl Sunday”, serves Bratwürstl sausages to while away the time until the balloon finally takes off.


The Allgäu Balloon Sport Club prepares the balloon D Bosch III for take-off, so that St. Nicholas can float up into the sky shortly after 11:00 am.


After the balloon has landed, the mail is delivered to the nearest post office and stamped first with the local stamp and then with the traditional special stamp stating the balloon flight data.


Information on the mail delivery by balloon:
Bernd Prokop, Buchholzstr. 23 4451 Garsten 07252 54182
e-mail: bernd.prokop@