Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes as traditional representations of the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem have inspired people for centuries. Renowned are the artfully carved figurines of Tyrolese nativity scenes, the landscape crèches of the Salkammergut district as well as the box crèches exhibited in the “Krippenland an der Eisenstrasse”. Here, around 1800, nailsmiths and cutlers began to set the manger scene amid their own local scenery. Many nailsmith crèches display half-relief baked clay “Loahmandel” figurines made using old Steyr moulds. In the town houses and farmsteads, the nativity scenes were displayed in the parlour’s domestic shrine.


The Christkindl region boasts a wide variety of nativity scenes. Box crèches, open crèches, “mechanical” nativity scenes with movable figurines, carved nativity scenes, regional nativity scenes and nativity scenes from all around the world, traditional manger scenes as well as modern nativity scenes “under the star of Bethlehem”.