Nailsmith Nativity Scenes in Garsten

The “Nativity Scenes in the Prelature” exhibition focuses on nailsmith crèches, typical box crèches built by Garsten nailsmiths after 1800 featuring half-relief baked clay “Loahmmandel” figurines made using old Steyr moulds. From Garsten, the nativity scene building tradition spread around the Ennstal and Steyrtal Valleys (Ennstal box crèches). Today, the art of making box crèches and other nativity scenes is still taught in special courses.


Another attraction exhibited in the baroque rooms of the former abbey prelature focuses on nativity scenes with movable figurines, in particular the large mechanical nativity scene featuring 25 movable scenes, as well as the most beautiful crèches made in the courses of the Garsten nativity scene school.


In the village, 49 artistically painted life-size wood figures recalling the old “Loahmmandel” figurines are displayed, pointing the way to the nativity scene. The Abbey Museum is home to the famous “Buchsbaum” nativity scene by Marian Rittinger (1705), one of Austria’s most expressive baroque sculptures.



Opening hours

30 Nov and  1. + 7. +. 8. Dec 2019 | 10am -  7pm

Exhibition venue: In and around the Garsten Abbey



Elementary school + Prelature: 3.00 | Children free



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