Open-air nativity scenes

Wooden Board nativity scene in the town hall courtyard

This wooden board nativity scene featuring three life-size groups of figures was specially designed and created by the nativity scene maker Josef Seidl in 2002 for the walls of the town hall courtyard.

20 Nov 2020 - 6 Jan 2021



Nativity tree in the Town square

Nativity scene trees and wooden board nativity scenes have a long tradition dating back to the early baroque period and were primarily found near monasteries, such as the Jesuit Monastery in Steyr and Benedictine Monastery in Garsten. Every year, a nativity scene tree that presents the story of Christmas in a very special way, is put up in the Steyr Stadtplatz square. The Steyr nativity scene tree was created by the nativity scene maker Josef Seidl with the assistance of the nativity scene friends from Vorarlberg (1993/94) and renovated 2010 from Gerhard Erler.


20 Nov 2020 - 6 Jan 2021



Jäger nativity scene in the Teufelsbach grotto

Near the Steyr Museumsbahnhof station, right beside the waterfall, life size nativity scene figurines have been set up. They were created by Siegfried Jäger and are cared for and maintained by the local night shelter. On Advent weekends and in the afternoon of Christmas Eve visitors can enjoy some punch at the refreshment stand and browse through a shop selling creative craft works.