Steyr nativity scene

Steyr nativity scene in the Innerberger Stadl

The Steyr nativity scene is one of the last stick puppet theatres still performing in the German language area. Since about 1850 two touring nativity scenes with numerous figures have travelled through the Steyr area performing theatre plays at inns. These two nativity scenes are thought to have merged later into the Steyr nativity scene. On the lower stage, which shows the Bethlehem stable, religious scenes are performed. On the central stage the stalls of craftsmen and traders are set up. The upper stage depicts the Christmas town Steyr in the Biedermeier period and is the setting for worldly happenings.


Duration approx. 1 hour | in Steyr dialect



Sale of tickets:

Tourismusverband Steyr am Nationalpark

A-4402 Steyr, Stadtplatz 27
Tel. +43 (0) 7252/53229-0 Fax -15,



Special performance



€ 5,40

for adults:

€ 365,-

Children (3 - 15 yrs)

€ 2,70

for children:

€ 220,-


Special performances for groups: 112 seats, to book contact
Brigitte Nezbeda +43 (0) 7252/54655 or +43 (0) 650/5410235


Reserved tickets have to be picked up 15 minutes before beginning of the particular performance at the cash desk of the Steyrer Kripperl at the Grünmarkt.


Advanced sale of tickets:
Steyr tourist board, A-4402 Steyr, Stadtplatz 27
Tel. +43 (0) 7252/53229-0 Fax -15,